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Here is some information about me and my work

What I do

I'm linux administrator with programming skill. I manage some servers and take care of network infrastructure for customers in Poland. My specialty is web scraping and data conversion for use in web application.

In the meantime...

My interests are related to computer technology, electronics and robotics, but also I like listen good music.

How to contact with me

Best method to contact with me is email: mwalczyk@gmail.com (You can use contact page), but If you realy need my help feel free to call me +48 600 523 023.

My company information

  • Company name: F.H.U. Mariusz Walczyk
  • Full company name: Mariusz Walczyk Firma Handlowo - UsÅ‚ugowa
  • NIP: 6562187484
  • REGON: 260371249

Company address:
ul. Opolska 47b/1a
46-022 Luboszyce

Link to CEIDG infomation: https://prod.ceidg.gov.pl/CEIDG/ceidg.public.ui/SearchDetails.aspx?Id=44c364df-acc3-43c1-8c67-6c1ad91b02a9

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