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Here is some information about me and my work

What I do

I'm linux administrator with programming skill.

In the meantime...

My interests are related to computer technology, electronics and robotics, but also I like listen good music.

How to contact with me

Best method to contact with me is email: mwalczyk@gmail.com (You can use contact page), but If you realy need my help feel free to call me +48 600 523 023.

My company information

  • Company name: Mariusz Walczyk IT Solutions
  • NIP: 6562187484
  • REGON: 260371249

Company address:
ul. Opolska 47b/1a
46-022 Luboszyce

Link to CEIDG infomation: https://prod.ceidg.gov.pl/ceidg/ceidg.public.ui/SearchDetails.aspx?Id=4ceae987-4915-4035-8eb8-955d895ed0d0

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